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Cast Film Gauges

Cast Film Thickness Gauging


Measure Cast Film
For over 35 years, SolveTech has been designing thickness gauging systems for the cast film market.  We have innovated solutions for both laboratory and on line use that are unique to the marketplace and provide our customers with reliable thickness data.  Thin cast films are easily measured using our high performance capacitance technology.

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SolveTech’s proprietary gauging systems offer the highest accuracy and repeatability on the market in many cases and do not contain nuclear or x-ray sources.

The PR2000 Precision ProfilerTM


Cast Film Gauge

SolveTech’s off-line system is designed to profile the thickness of a strip of cast film to characterize the cross-web or down-web thickness variability.   It is a great tool for the quality assurance lab or the production floor.  It has amazing accuracy and precision – guaranteed the best R&R on the market. Simple calibration tools and software make it a “must have” off-line thickness gauge to support your operations.  Thin materials and materials with minimal variability can be easily analyzed due to the device’s repeatable precision of +/- 25 nano meters.

Cast Film Thickness


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The MultichannelTM Array Gauge
Cast Film Thickness Gauging

Great for measuring the thickness of narrow webs (less than 60 inches), pilot lines, and extrusion research. The 3D display allows real time view of the web thickness. Provides 100% continuous coverage to give you the only true profile on the market.

Cast Film Gauge
Live 3D Thickness Profile for a Cast Film Line
Machine Direction Gauging System


Cast Film Gauging

SolveTech has specialized measurement heads and software specially targeted for machine direction analysis on cast film lines. Both large and small wavelengths of variability can be studied to diagnose and characterize your production line.  Improving the down-web or machine direction can create improvements in variability in the cross-web direction.


Single Channel Gauging Systems
Cast Film Thickness Gauge

Affordable, on-line gauge to measure thickness on a narrow web or along-the-edge of the cast film line.  High accuracy and precision non-contact thickness measurements. 



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