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Single Channel Gauging Systems

Single Channel Gauging System

On Line Thickness Gauge

    Measure Thin Material ThicknessOn Line Thickness Gauge
Custom, Single Point Gauging Systems


SolveTech’s FX2100 Gauging System Applications Include:

    • Machine Direction Gauging
    • Narrow Web Monitoring
    • Control-based on edge reading
    • Monitoring a Single Area


SolveTech’s FX2100 Gauging System Offers the Follow Features:

    • Accurate to 0.01 Mils
    • High Speed (0.01 Sec) Readings
    • NIST Traceable Calibration
    • Highly Stable
    • Industrially Durable.
The Gauge That Started It All


On Line Thickness GaugeThe FX2100 was the first gauge developed by SolveTech in 1986.  It was our original product that helped develop our technology.


Heads Galore


On Line Thickness Gauge

Only SolveTech can provide you with a wide range of customized head geometries. All heads are C-Frame construction. Design variables include:

    • Throat depth – up to 24 inches
    • Gap – up to 1 inch (0.2″ typical)
    • Footprint size and shape – from 1/8″ square. UP to 4″ x 5″ (1″ x 2″ typical)
System Overview
    • Measurement Head: Non-contact and non-nuclear
    • Gauge Control Unit: Provides power and signal conditioning for measurement head with large, 1″ digital readout. Alarm controls and calibration set-up.
    • Head Positioning System (optional): A linear slide and associated controls. Automatically positions the Measurement Head for measurement or moves it off line for start-up operations. Automatically re-zeroes the gauge head at a programmed time interval. This feature is especially important for high-accuracy applications.
    • Software Package (optional): Bring the enormous value of your PC in to the picture with our Windows-based software package to provide you with Strip Charts, Trend Charts, Statistics, Roll Reports, Recipe and Calibration Management, and more.

Plastic Film Thickness Gauge





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