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Single Channel Gauging System

On Line Thickness Gauge

    Measure Thin Material ThicknessOn Line Thickness Gauge
Custom, Single Point Gauging Systems



    • 窄的网状产品
    • 机器运行方向的监督
    • Control-based on edge reading
    • 在线故障检测
    • 薄膜测厚



    • 高速——0.01秒
    • 高分辨率——精确到4 microinches (0.1 microns)
    • 完美的线性——高于1%
    • 超高的测量稳定度
The Gauge That Started It All

On Line Thickness Gauge单渠道测量系统基于SolveTech第一代测量系统。1986年,系统被用来测量聚酯纤维的厚度。SolveTech继续提高系统以实现商业化,双边容量检测。这些技术带来了精确度和速度的双重变革,重新定义了测量标准。

Heads Galore

On Line Thickness Gauge只有Solvetech 能提供给您丰富的自定义head geometries. 所有的头都是C架构的。设计变量包括:

    • 焊缝厚度——精确到24inches
    • 间隔——精确到1inch (0.2″ typical)
    • Footprint size and shape – from 1/8″ square. UP to 4″ x 5″ (1″ x 2″ typical)


    • 测量接头:非接触式和非核
    • Gauge Control Unit: Provides power and signal conditioning for measurement head with large, 1″ digital readout. Alarm controls and calibration set-up.
    • Head Positioning System (optional): A linear slide and associated controls. Automatically positions the Measurement Head for measurement or moves it off line for start-up operations. Automatically re-zeroes the gauge head at a programmed time interval. This feature is especially important for high-accuracy applications.
    • Software Package (optional): Bring the enormous value of your PC in to the picture with our Windows-based software package to provide you with Strip Charts, Trend Charts, Statistics, Roll Reports, Recipe and Calibration Management, and more.





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